Results of Goncasuyu Award 2016

The HF operations had been almost completed at the end of the phase three and logs from the TC100 stations has been collected. As declared at the beginning, we have offered an award program with the project to make the project more attractive for contesters. After the final evaluation, degree winners are determined and a server side software is utilized to calculate scores and create printable awards. You may check your callsign through the huge QSO and find and download your award if issued.

DX Certificates

We have 23456 QSOs among the project and 13657 unique callsigns. As declared at the “Award Rules“, participants collected scores greater than 3, has been issued with DX Awards. So 1756 DX Awards are waiting to be downloaded at the “Log Query and Award Download” page.

Degree Certificates

We proudly announce the top 3 of the award program as:

RANK  Call QSOs  Score
1  DL1NKS 27  22
2  HA6VH 24  21
3  R9XM 20  19

SWL Certificates

We have received three confirmed SWL reception logs from DE2HOL, YL-RS-01 and G1MXP.

Download Page

You may query your callsign for the detailed QSO info and find your award if issued, on the “Log Query and Award Download” page. The server side software is specially developed for Goncasuyu Project. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or download problems.

QSL Cards

If you QSO with us but haven’t been issued any award, don’t worry. We will send QSL cards via bureau to all stations having QSO with any TC100 station in 2015. Cards and labels has been printed, cards will be on the way in few days.


Total 23456 QSOs have been realized by nine Goncasuyu stations as:

TC100A  0 0 602 602
TC100B 2452 1 1852 4305
TC100E  0 301 212 513
TC100GLB 1 1372 2332 3705
TC100GP 1823  0 4932 6755
TC100GS 63 211 589 863
TC100K 3  0 1512 1515
TC100KT 300  0 3407 3707
TC100TC 749  0 742 1491
TOTAL 5391 1885 16180 23456