TC101SO for the Memory of Corporal Seyit

One of the stations of Goncasuyu Project, TC101SO  has been initiated from Havran, hometown of  Corporal Seyit

Corporal Seyit was born in Camlik village of Havran, Balikesir in 1889. When the First World War started in 1914, he took duty as a gunner at Canakkale and played a heroic role and changed the course of history of Naval Battle began on March 18, 1915. Seyit Corporal lifted a 275 kg artillery shell alone and drove into the cannon barrel. The battleship named “Ocean” was hit and sunk with his affort and this event changed the course of the Çanakkale War.Seyit Corporal returned to his village in Balikesir after the war and lived a modest life there until 1939.

Operators from TRAC Balikesir Branch has worked at the station as a first phase activity. The Governorate and Municipality of Havran have supported the activity. Antenna tower has been erected with the aid of Fire Department.

TRAC Edremit Branch and Team Papa has also supported the HF operations at the field. More than 800 QSO’s have been done among 56 countries with a weekend study. The station will be active among the year and you may catch the callsign TC101SO on the air.