You can go to Çanakkale from Istanbul ,İzmir and Bursa. Whether you pass in transit from strait or travel on motorway, you will have great view to see. If you pass the strait by ferry, you will see the colorful nature in both side . When you arrive and start your tour, you will see some great bays. When you travel from izmir , edremit, Mount Ida and Kalkim will welcome you respectively. This area is als the centre of hunting when you drive along sea , you will arrive in Küçükkuyu which is a very popular town on Ayvacik. If you drive further , you will reach to Kadirga Bay with its great view. From this point, you can go to assos Antique Harbour or visit Behramkale to have great experience with nature and history.   When you drive along the sea , you will come Sivrice Lighthouse, Sokok agzi,Gulpinar, Babakale and thermal spring in Tuzla . In the beach of Tavakli in Ezine, you can do wind surfing. You can have a break in the old Odunluk port . You can travel from Geyikli to Bayramic and you can have picnic in Ayazma, Mound Ida.

If you want to go on a holiday, Bozcaada is a nice place with its silence and naive nature. When you travel again , you will see Kumburun and Güzelyali with its magnificent nature and Youth Camp. Then you will arrive in Çanakkale. You should have a long break to walk around because Çanakkale has lots of amazing features and sightseeing places.

Most of the visitors in their first time generally visit the places of World War One . When you arrive in Eceabat , you can turn left and visit Çanakkale Martyrs’ Memorial then you will see Kabatepe and Gallipoli.

When you drive on the right side, you will see the entrance of Kabatepe port in Saroz Gulf and Gallipoli. Hamzakoy and Guneyli are important points to visit. Because they are extraordinary places.

If you drive from Çanakkale to lapseki, you will see Dalyan , Çardak, Karabiga and finally you will arrive Biga which is te last town of city. There are 3 towns in Çanakkale that are shareless. First of these towns is Çan and it is famous for its thermal spring and eramic factory. The socond one is Yenice with its huge forest and flora. The third one is Bayramic that was located in the piemont of Ida.

If you come from istanbul to Çanakkale , you should start from Gallippoli and if you come from ankara or Bursa, start from Biga and have a n unforgattable journey under the influence of sea and sand. Whichever route you choose and travel, when you enter the borders of the city, Çanakkale will welcome you with its culturel , historical and natural beauty.

Sea way

The transportation system is organised by Gestas . (i.e: Çanakkale – Eceabat, Çanakkale Kabatepe-Gokceada, Bozcaada Çanakkale- Gokceada, Çanakkale –Bozcaada, Kepez –Eceabat , Çanakkale Kilitbahir) . There is also fast ferry from Çanakkale to Bozcaada and Gokceada.

There are ports in the centre , Eceabat, Gallpoli, Lapseki, Geyikli, Bozcaada , Çardak and Kabatepe. There are Kepez port , Akçansa cement factory port and Biga Içdaş port, too.


The total highway is 1605 km and 513 km of that is statehighway amd 552 km is city highway. %98 percentage of city highway is asphalt and %97 percentage of state highway is alsphalt ,too. There is no village that has highway. 3470 km village roads are seen and %65 percentage of that is alphalt and %31 percentage is stabilize road.

Air line

There is an airport in the center sized 1800×30. You may visit the web site of Canakkale Airport for details about services and airlines. There are also 2 airports in Gokceada for militay and emergency situations.

SOURCE: www.canakkale.com.tr