Award Rules

An award program has been offered in scope of the project “From Goncasuyu to the World” to make the project more invitive for contesters. Award rules are described below:

  1. Two-way contacts in HF bands will be evaluated for award programme. Participants will not submit any log. Logs from , TC101 stations will be collected and evaluated.
  2. SWL participation is welcome. Reports may be submitted via s-mail or e-mail. Both parties of a two-way communication has to be included in the report. Exact frequency is not necessary, band info is OK. However date and UTC time has to be clearly indicated to fascilate confirmation. Evaluation of a SWL report is very similar to two-way QSO’s. Included antenna and receiver info will be appriciated.
  3. QSO Point: Different band, mode or TC101 callsign brings a single QSO point to participant. In other words, more than one QSO with same band, same mode and same TC101 calsign counts as a “duplicate” and brings only 1 point.
  4. Multiplier: Only Austaralian and New Zealand stations will receive 2 as a multiplier.
  5. The Award: All participants collecting 3 point will win the  “Goncasuyu Award” certificate. In worldwide evaluation, the first 3 position will win the degree certificate . Certificates will be served in printable electronic formats on this web site with a callsign query.

A Reminder for participants of DX Maraton: Gallipoli Penisula is located in Europe while Canakkale Side is at Asia. Thus TC100 stations are spreaded in two continents.

  • European callsigns (Gallipoli Penisula): TC101GP, TC101GS, TC101KT, TC101GLB
  • Asian callsigns (Canakkale Side): TC101E, TC101SO
Update (Jan 5th, 2016)
Results of the Goncasuyu Award 2015 has been announced here and award download service is published here.